What Is Live Stream?

Live Stream is a plugin which can be used on your site and it comes again from Facebook. I just completed the article about the Facebook Comments Box social plugin and now we are discussing about Live Stream, which as the name says, lets your users to speak on your site and their comments will appear in real-time. This will happen both on your site and their own personal Facebook pages, if they want. If you access the next link, you will see how a real Live Stream plugin looks like. If you have a Facebook account, you can write something in the plugin, to see if this really works or not.

Live Stream is great when the site presents live shows as well, so that the comments will enhance in a way the quality of the show, concert or whatever it is that you present. Unlike the Comments Box, these comments will not be moderated. If you feel that a comment is unappropriate, and you are lucky enough to see it once it is written, because the Live Stream plugins belongs to you, you can delete it, or stop the functioning of the Live Stream, but most likely you will bring some insatisfaction for the rest of the users who will want to use the plugin.

It is too bad that not so many sites use this plugin. Probably some of them are afraid of what people might write, without the admins consent. The plugin is very good for those who have on their sites multiplayer games, because it can be incorporated into the site, letting those who want the comment upon the game they’re playing to do this whenver they want, regardless the game. Still, to run both these programs, your server where the games are stored and from where they function, must be a very powerful one.11

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