Use Delphi 5 -part VI-

Composed Font property:
Establishes the font used in the text that are displayed on the Canvas object’s shape
as well as related parts of the text and arranged to form. Font can be used
defined during project preparation, but can be modified in execution by
redefining sub properties Color (color), Height (height), Name (name), Pitch
(Character width) Size (size), or Style (style).
Property FormStyle
Establishes corporate identity. Possible values of this property are as follows:
Value significance
fsNormal normal form creates a window (no MDI child or parent MDI).
Default value.
fsMDIChild MDI child form creates a window
fsMDIForm shape creates an MDI parent window
fsStayOnTop form will be displayed above other forms used in the project.

And Height properties iWidth (type integer)
Ment height,  form or component respectively. These values are expressed in points and sizes, including frames reserved.
Property Help Context

It uses to determine a number used to call support (Help) sensitive context, to help determine which window is displayed when the user presses the button
F1. If HelpContext has value 0 then it will be shown appropriate support parent window.
Helpful property specifies the file containing the help.
Hint property (string)
Specifies an explanatory text will be displayed when the mouse cursor is so set over a form or component. This text is displayed only when  ShowHint property (boolean) is initializing true value.
HorzScrollBar compound properties and VertScrollBar
Determine if the form is not prescribed or horizontal scroll bar and / or vertical. Subproperties scroll bars are centralized in the following table:
Property Description Increment (A value between 1 and 32,767, value The default is 8)
Establishes the distance of travel of the image of shape when performed a user clicks on one of the arrow buttons located extremities scroll bars.
Margin(Word, value The default is 0)
Establishes the time to display the scroll bar. This property determines the minimum number of points separating the components of shape and edge shape. The execution, if a component reaches a height in May Margin points lower than the edge, and if Visible property is TRUE, then displays a scroll bar.
Position (Integer type, valueThe default is 0)
Communicate current cursor position of the scroll bar slider. This value is automatically updated in execution, depending scrolling.
Range (Integer type, valueThe default is 0)
The maximum size of the parade, expressed in points. At the bar vertical scrolling, this value must be greater than the Height property (otherwise the vertical bar is invisible). At the bar scroll horizontally, this value must be greater than ClientWidth property value (otherwise the horizontal bar is invisible). For example, if property of a Range of horizontal bars contains the value 500, width 200 shape is when property values
Position can be in (0, 300).
Tracking (Boolean, having default False)
If TRUE is selected, the image moves together form Slide the button held by the user. If you choose false, image remain static as long as the user pulls the button sliding image scrolled so updating will take place only when issuance of the scroll bar slider button.
Visible (Boolean, having default True)
Visibility refers to the scroll bar. If TRUE is selected, and if the component is at a distance only marginally lowers point’s edge shape, then scroll bar is visible. Icon property specifies the graphic symbol to be used when the form is minimized.
KeyPreview property (boolean)

Refers to handle keyboard events on the use (OnKeyDown, and OnKeyPress OnKeyUp). If this property is chosen for TRUE then keyboard events are handled on the form current, and not sat on the components of form, even if in that time
outbreak to find a component. For example, suppose that the form contains a button
command that is in focus. When the user presses a key, related events typing will be managed by procedures and not procedures form button command. If the property is initializing with false, and value is by default, when typing on events will be handled by procedures active component, and not procedural form.
Left and Top properties (type integer)
Abscissa set, the order:
• Form the upper left front corner of the screen;
• Component of front left corner of the form or owner;
• Component against the top left corner of the container component.
The values of these properties are given in points.
Property Menu (type TmainMenu)
Establishes the main menu component that is used to form at a time.
During the drafting of this property is automatically initializing first sat on the MainMenu component form, the value of this property execution can be changed by an instruction of award, so that one form it can MainMenu use several components.
Property Name
Component name. Every component must have a unique name.
Property ObjectMenuItem
Use it to learn or to specify an option from a menu that is active or
inactive while an OLE object on the form is select or deselect.
ParentBidiMode property (boolean)
Establishes whether the control uses the same value as BidiMode and father.
ParentFont property (boolean)
Establishes whether the control uses the same font as the parent.

Property PixelPerInch
It is used when running the program to scale the resolution to increase the current form. If the value is changed compared to the default value, will have the same shape and proportions at different resolutions. To take effect should the Scaled property to be true.
Property PopupMenu (type TpopupMenu)
Floating menu that identifies the component is used to form at a time.
It mentions the fact that this is not property automatically initializing PopupMenu component has sat on the form. The execution value of this properties be changed by an instruction to award such a form may use several components PopupMenu.
Position property
Refers to the shape and size of place of its placement in execution, compared to the location and size were used when carrying out the project. Possible values are:

—-> Value significance
-poDesigned that will shape and size and position as when
-poDefault position and window size will be determined by Windows
-poDefaultPosOnly position is determined by Windows to store size.
-poDefaultSizeOnly position is preserved, Windows choose size.
-poScreenCenter store window size, placing the center of the screen.11

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