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We, people, have always been fascinated by stars and planets and all the other cosmic bodies. We wanted to know what they are, how you can get there and what is the way in which they influence us. This is how astronomy, but also astrology came into being. Even if these two fields may seem very different they are very related and they study the sky and all the things you can see there. Astronomers are only interested in the way these celestial bodies move in the sky, the duration of their complete orbits and the next time they will appear in sight. Astrologers are rather interested in the position of stars and planets in the sky and they use maps and photos of the starry nights for making predictions and writing horoscopes.

Sky Navigator 2.02 is a small software utility that was developed by Stephan Hotto and that can be useful for those who are passionate of astronomy and astrology . First of all you do not need to install any software program, but you only have to unzip the compressed file that you can download here for free. After that just run the executable file and that’s it. You need to set the location, time and date in order to get customized images with the position of the stars. This utility provided you with access to extended data bases with position and occurrence of asteroids, comets, galaxies, pulsars and so on.

One of the most important tools this utility brings is the data base access and tracking. Based on all available information you can access the data base and search for specific information. You must select the celestial object you are interested in, for example the Moon, and if you click it in the table you will be provided information with the Moon phase that is currently displayed, time of rising and time of setting down and all kinds of similar information. You must have the location and time settings done first. You can do that by pressing the button Synchronize.

You can choose to have a view of the whole Solar System with the exact position of all the planets and also a very realistic proportion and picture. Sky Navigator 2.02 helps you calculate and draw the ephemeris for the planets, moon and sun. It can automatically calculate the distance of a certain planet or even asteroid from the Earth and this gives you a very good picture on the situation. You can get the equatorial Mercator projection, the horizontal Mercator projection and every day star maps. Any way, these are just a few of the features available because this tiny utility helps you with almost anything in this field.

This is the latest version of the software and has by far the best versions of features. It should be fun to use even if you are not so much into astronomy, just to know a few things about planets and their position in the Solar System for example. But that’s the least anyone could do with it, as it is very useful for professionals, too.11

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