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Summer is long gone and it has been replaced by autumn, which is generally wet and cold, which brings the first cold for most people. And when you have a cold or are sick in any way, you go to the doctor who gives you a prescription . You take this prescription to a pharmacy and the pharmacist gives you the right drugs that you will take according to the doctor’s indications and hopefully you will be better in a few days. But there might be a problem if you have more than one illness and the medicines you are prescribed interact with each other giving unwanted reactions or in the situations when you have some allergies and intolerance that do not allow you to follow doctor’ s orders exactly. In this case tell the doctor every detail about the other affections you have so they can try to find a way to give you the appropriate drug treatment.And it’s not only that: certain drugs are produced in different countries under different names, but having a slight difference in composition and this can also cause interactions with the active substance in the other drugs on a prescription. It seems impossible at first sight to find a solution for these problems, but a French doctor had a brilliant idea and developed a software application that is now able to do this. It is called FreeDiams 0.5.0 Beta.

The name FreeDiams 0.5.0 Beta actually comes from “free DIAMS” where DIAMS stands for Drugs InterActions Manager and preScriptor. Even though the first name of this application was different -DrugsInteractions- the developer considered it was not enough and wanted to be a bit more explicit regarding what he accomplished through the software. So the name changed together with the product, as it improved all its features in time and now it has access to a huge database of medicines used all over the world.

Basically this software application is used to test drugs interaction within a prescription. If there are any such interactions or intolerance¬† or even allergies of the patient to a component of such a drug, you will immediately be warned about it and told to replace that drug with another one that will have a better effect. It has full access to the drug database from USA, Canada, France . The software is also available in more than one language (French, English and German is on the way) in order to cover as much as possible of this planet. It is of utmost importance to have the patients’ medical files stored in your computer before writing a prescription for them because otherwise you can have unpleasant surprises and even a simple allergy can lead to anaphylactic shock and ultimately death – which is very serious. So avoid all these and use a very simple and easy to use software application called FreeDiams 0.5.0 Beta which is also developed by a doctor – Eric Maeker, so he knew exactly what to do to serve its purpose better.

The application has 30.5 MB in size and is compatible with all versions of Windows. You can download and use it for free, as it is under BSD License. After using this application for the eventual drug interactions you can also use it for issuing the correct prescriptions and print them on the spot. You can also customize the quantity of drugs recommended each day and so on. does not encourage illegal downloads or piracy, therefore we do not provide download links to websites such as or

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