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The development of technology, especially the means of transport that are now so much faster than they used to, have opened all borders and have allowed business and communication to work easily between partners who live indifferent parts of the world. They can now communicate instantly and even the visits in each other’ s country are so much easier to accomplish. So the way is wide open for international business with international partners. But every good businessman knows that nothing works unless you personally supervise it, so most multinational companies use online video conferences to discuss the details of every step of the business with all the people directly involved in it. Skype is one of the best services of instant messaging and also video conference because it has a better quality signal and better live images transmitted to and from different parts of the world. Besides, it allows phone calls from computer to mobile phones and has lots of other nice features.

The only problem might be that different users speak different languages and not all of them are able to use English, which is now the unofficial universal language. That is why some guys from DYC Software Studio had a great idea: to develop the Chat Translator for Skype As you can imagine, this is a software application that allows your computer to translate instantly the messages you write in the chat window when you use Skype . It is able to translate your words instantly in fifteen languages at the same time and this way you can communicate with your partners from different countries without having an intermediary – an interpreter. As professional as most interpreters might be, it’s better if you can talk to the people you are doing business with directly, without anyone interfering. This leads to a better understanding of the situation and a faster method of finding solutions to any problems.

Chat Translator for Skype supports the latest version of Skype and works both ways: you can send your messages to be translated instantly and sent to your interlocutor, but from them to you, too. That is the messages they send in writing will be also translated in your language for you to understand. This is great because this way you can get a quicker feed-back from the people you are talking to, without having to wait for the interpreter to mediate the problem. Even if the target clients for this software application are the multinational companies, it can be equally easy to use and very helpful for regular people who just want to chat with foreign persons and keep contact with them.

The application upgrades constantly depending on the new versions of Skype and its own improvements and you have access to all the changes. Any way, the whole package can be ordered here for the fair price of $29.99 or you can download a free trial . The only things you need to check before buying it are about your computer’s system: at least Windows NT or a later version, a processor that is bigger than 750 MHz, 256 MB RAM and at least 100 MB of free space on your hard disk that is necessary when you install the application. Oh, it also recommends you to use the latest version of Skype or at least the 3.8 version.11

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