Refurbished Computers – Good Or Bad?

Is it good or bad to buy refurbished things? In my opinion, if you buy a computer, for example, that you know it belonged to your friend, and was sent to the factory for some enhancements, this is ok, because you will benefit of a computer, which was retested and re-placed into the market and it was of your friend’s.

I personally would not buy a refurbished computer, first of all, because a refurbished one means in almost all the cases an outdated computer or at least a computer that has more than two years of functioning, period in which the technology advanced rapidly. And second of all, how can I tell that the computer was treated properly. I can’t even imagine what problems had my own computer. I remember that it had some, but so did my other electronics in the house. And they are many. Their existence lasts for more than 5 years. How can I say exactly what were the problems for each and every electronic device in part? If I had created a book or a list perhaps with the issues that every electronic device encountered in its life, maybe I would have been able to mention them, but in this case, with so many electronics, which are not bought this year, it is difficult to name them all.

Anyway, it is your decision if you get a refurbished computer or not. The good thing is that the price is lower, but you will have to invest during the time in it, for buying a new operating system, for upgrading the memory, for changing the hard drive and so on. These happen in the happiest situations, because if you have a computer that is really, really outdated, it won’t support a new operating system, like Windows 7. For example, the processor named Intel Celeron most likely will not work together with the operating system mentioned before. First of all, an Intel Celeron computer means a memory less than 1 GB. Ok, you can improve the memory of the computer, but still the processor won’t hold the pressure of running an operating system as complex as Windows 7.

A refurbished computer is a computer that has been used before, but it has been also repainted, restested and re-placed on the market. After a company places a product on the market back again as a refurbished product, that company even offers a period of warranty for that product. The refurbished products and not the same thing as the used computers. The term “used” refers to all the computers, thus to the refurbished computers at the same time. But you can buy for example a used computer from your friend or from the Internet, computer that doesn’t benefit of any warranty period whatsoever, and it also is not repainted, nor revalidated by the company who produced it.

The risk is higher when you buy a used computer from the Internet, from a unknown Website, instead of buying it directly from the manufacturer. The companies have integrated in their sites a special section, which includes information about used and refurbished computers. Yes, you heard it right. There are manufacturers, who sell used computers without bringing them any enhancements at all. They do this to keep the price of the computer as low as possible. I don’t recommend to get one of those models, because you won’t get a warranty period, even if you get the computer from its manufacturer, nor you will be satisfied with the product.

If you are decided to get a refurbished computer, let me tell you that this is a better choice. In my opinion, if you want a good computer, not necessarily released in the same year you want to make the purchase, you can buy a new computer. Let me tell you how, read the newsletters from the companies in which you are interested, also subscribe to many sellers online that sell the brand of computers you see and see when they have promotions, when they offer bonuses and discounts for their products. This happens especially during the winter hollidays, when the Christmas comes.

A refurbished computer is not always outdated. Its owner may leave the country, he might found a better computer, he might received as a gift that computer and he wants to give it back to the factory, because he doesn’t use it, since he already has two computers in his house. The reasons can be countless. If you get a computer developed in 2010, produced in 2010 and released on market in 2011, which is a refurbished computer, you may consider yourself lucky. There are few the cases in which an individual can get a computer, that is already refurbished that fast.

Because these computers are cheaper, they represent a good alternative for the companies who are at the start up. In my opinion, they don’t, but this is the decision of the company’s manager. It is harder to replace the computers after a year of functioning, after all your employees will get accustomed with those models, those software programs and so on. The cost, in the long term, will be higher than buying new computers in the first place. You may use the same computer software, if the new computers will let you. If you buy new computers, you should evolve in the software segment also. But there are companies which buy refurbished computers, 20 or 30 of them for their employees and they keep those computers until they break. This could last for more than 5 years, time in which the company progresses slowly, but surely. A true development comes only when you invest real money into the people you hire, the technologies used by you and your men, the building where you work, the software that you use, the products served for your employees in the cafeteria and so on.

The companies that buy computers that were already used, should buy refurbished computers that were retested, certified and guaranteed by the manufacturer. In this way, they will avoid having problems with the computers, at least, for the next period.11

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