PS3 Update 3.42

Sony released a mandatory update, named 3.42, which will kill the jailbreaking. This was necessary because more and more hackers tried to jailbreak the game console. Sony has temporarily nixed all the attempts of the hackers that try to by-pass the new update.

Earlier this month, the hacking community (they have a community!) released a code that could enter the system of the game console created by Sony, that’s why the Sony update comes as a response to their action. In order to close this exploit, the developers from Sony launched on market this update. Remember that if you play games using a jailbroken PlayStation3, you might get excluded from the PlayStation network.

So watch out what software and hardware you use. The statement of Sony regarding this new update was bried, the Director for Hardware Marketing, Mr Eric Lempel saying that 3.42 brings some more additional features.

The Sony’s response comes very rapidly after all the Internet users have found out at the end of August that jailbreaking of PS3 is a reality indeed. Probably in the future, Sony will invest more in manufacturing the devices and not only in delivering updates after a situation like this happens. More about Sony in our future articles. Other articles about this company refer to PlayStation4 which is likely to be on market in 2012 and to the new cameras from Sony.11

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