Organize Your Life With Bento By FileMaker

FileMaker Inc. has thought to create an application that is ready to meet the requirements of every busiy person. This application is going to help the users to create tasks, events and to make sure that they will be present on those events and they will perform the tasks obtaining good results. In a way, it is an application that will put some order into your life. Well, in this case, I think I’m gonna need this.

Even though it is included in the applications for work category, this does not mean that you cannot organize parties while using the application, you cannot pick a day when you will go out with your friends, when you will go shopping and so on. The app is not going to make your life seem like a life of a queen or of a person who has a tight schedule, because this will drive you crazy. You are not a popstar: interview with a magazine at 8 pm, dining with Elize at 9 pm and concert at 11 pm. You don’t have to organize every single aspect of you life, just the important ones.

When you will reach a memorable event, the smartphone will attention you that this is the big day. You can set it to announce you two days before this event, just to make sure that everything is ready. The application costs $4.99 and it is available on the iTunes site. There are 25 templates that can be used by the iPhone lovers. A template like this include features like date and time, event, friends that you will meet or colleagues, what will you do, a description of the event and so on. You can customize the template as you want. The application supports a large variety of media, in other words, you can use videos and photos inside the application, just to make sure that you won’t forget when the event is scheduled.11

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