Mobile World Congress Conclusions

The Mobile World Congress showed what are the electronic devices which are going to amaze the world this year. After CES, where you have seen some innovations that are not yet released, at the Mobile World Congress we got the chance of seeing what are the best products of last year’s.

There were present hundreds of mobile startups, applications, developers, small companies, big companies, all working in the IT area, but only some of them won awards for being the best in a certain field. But the main thing which captured the attention of everyone at this Congress was the Android. Another thing which was very discussed here were the tablets.

Apple decided to skip this event, so the people present there talked more about the other operating systems on the market, which are Android and Windows 7 from Microsoft. When it comes to smartphones, the novelties were brought by HTC and Samsung, but LG must not be forgotten with their LG Optimus 3D, which is said to be released any moment now. So, besides the fact that many companies were awarded for their efforts of creating this world a better world, at least with the help of technology, other companies and some of those awarded, have presented once again what are their potential released for 2011.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 was not in center of attention, how one might think, because all the buzz was surrounding the smartphone coming from LG. The LG Optimus Pad was another reason for people not to talk about Samsung too much, nor about Apple. I guess that they did touch these subjects, at least to make a comparison with the other products present at this show. In fact, Samsung was the most discussed brand at this show, because of their new smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S II. So, the situation that happened at CES this January, was repeated in Barcelona.

Samsung and HTC fought on Monday for the best spot and Samsung was victorious. On Tuesday, HTC won the competition for the best tablet, with their HTC Flyer Tablet. The top 5 winning brands as they are presented by Mashable are: Samsung, HTC, Google, RIM and Nokia. The tablets and the Android operating system were the most popular subjects and the most popular tablet was considered LG Optimus or at least 29.4% of those who were present at the show though that. Then it came Samsung Galaxy, Apple iPad (even though Apple was not present), HTC Flyer, BlackBerry Playbook and Touchpad. The most popular smartphone was considered Samsung Galaxy, followed immediately by Sony Ericsson Xperia Play.11

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