Ivy Bridge Processors Coming This Month

According to CNET, Intel’s Ivy Bridge platform will be released towards the end of this month, followed by a whole bunch of new products that will be powered by Intel’s new line of processors. The announcement of the new lineup is expected to occur in about two weeks or so. The new chip will emphasize on improving the graphics power and according to some preliminary benchmarks there are some serious improvements in comparison to the current Sandy Bridge platform.

Most likely, Intel will first roll out the quad core versions of the processor as they have been doing for several years, followed later on this year by those power-efficient CPUs which will be found in upcoming MacBook Air models as well as lots of ultrabooks.

Intel Ivy Bridge

Intel Ivy Bridge

Various sources are saying that Apple is working on a thinner version of its 15-inch MacBook which will be launched in a few months, along with a new generation of 13-inch MacBooks. Most likely, these systems are going to be powered by Ivy Bridge-based chips. As you would expect, Asus, Sony, Dell, Toshiba, Acer and HP are going to update their current lineup and also launch new models with these new processors.

With the launch of the Ivy Bridge platform, USB 3.0 will probably become universal taking into consideration the fact that it will be the first time since this will be built into the Ivy Bridge silicon. According to the market researcher In-Stat, by the end of this year companies will ship about 400 million devices which will offer support for USB 3.0.

Most of the extra chip real estate will feature the graphics component that will most likely be called HD 4000 which will probably be significantly faster than the current HD 3000. The Ivy Bridge is a 22-nanometer chip as opposed to the 32nm Sandy Bridge and it is going to be the first one to feature the company’s 3D transistor technology.

For more information about the lineup of Ivy Bridge processors, click on the CPU World link.

Source: CNET | CPU World


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