iTunes 10 – A new Interface for iTunes

We already know that iTunes 10 will have a new logo and a redesigned interface, but I never thought that Apple could approve a decision which is against the company’s standards. Unless they want to move the new interface to Finder also or perhaps other original applications made by them.

The first and most visible change is that iTunes 10 has all the three buttons: close, minimize and maximize on the vertical line. iTunes was the application which started the use of scroll bars of another colour, but here the change is too great. Something is not too Mac-ish with the new iTunes. Or maybe we should get used to this idea.

Then, besides viewing the playlists option, thumbnail and CoverFlow view, Apple now gives us the possibility to see the list + view artwork.

In the top toolbar appears Ping – the new social function based on your musical preferences. Neither the volume has not escaped from being redesigned. It now looks like the one from iPad – the line is thicker and the sound level is indicated by a dot who enters fully into the “line” instead of the current one, which clearlt suffered from an overflow.

The Capacity Bar at the bottom of the page of a device shows you in real time how much space do you have on your iPhone or iPad.11

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