Funny High-Tech Gifts

This is my other presentation of gadgets. The other days I was fascinated by some software programs, today I want to share with you the thrill of discovering new and fascinating products all over the Internet, created by inventive designers.

A good gift for your brother would be the inflatable boxing gloves and helmets, which are the proof that you can turn into a sportsman in a funny moment of his. The both protagonists will offer some good laughters to their audience. Ok, maybe some are just silly, but if you laugh, you get rid of the stress and you can relax, so why don’t you try these? Inflate the gloves, put them on the hand and start to fight with anyone daring to do this. For more safety, use the helmet, which comes in the inflatable package also. Ii is perfect brawl between three or even four friends and may occur in any moment of the day, at school or at office.

The package contains two pairs of inflatable boxing gloves and helmets. The size of an inflated glove is up to 47 x 36 cm and 28 x 22 x 27cm, if we’re talking about a helmet. The colors in which this package is distributed are red and blue.

They came to make your winter more fun and traveled a long way from the distant winter in Antarctica to you. They are small and funny and are wanted by everyone. These are the 2GB USB sticks having the shape of a penguin, they can be a practical gift for anyone. You can store hundreds of songs, movies and documents and they will be safe for protecting the data, because the silicon is resistant to water. If you have a passion for Linux friend, he will be happy with such a gift. The 2GB USB Stick penguin shape is ready to make you smile. Its dimensions: 3x4x2 cm, it fits in any pocket. The head can be taken away to be connected to the computer, so you will certainly not lose the protective head. The gadget is made of waterproof silicon.

Another cool USB device is the USB game Beat Ball. It calms you. Instead of playing Solitaire, play with your new gadget. Now you don’t have to do a virtual soccer ball on the monitor, you have the ball here on your desk. You can choose between three levels of difficulty to test your reflexes and attention. The software records your score and time records. A simple game for the moments of boredom at the office. It works with Windows Vista/XP/2000 SP4. The diameter is of 6×3 cm. The USB cable length is of 1.2 m.

When you have a lot of work and you cannot sit in front of your personal computer, you still need to check when you receive a new email. The email notifier shaped as an envelope conveniently connected by USB and configured with the software that comes on the CD begins to regularly check your email accounts. When you get new messages, the internal lights are lit in the colors you choose so it will be impossible not to notice. If you want to choose a sound too, you can do this. It works with Outlook, Outlook Express, Google, Yahoo and generally any other POP3 mail server. Check the type of your mail account before you buy this gadget. The light and sound effects can be configured with the software received, according to your needs. Dimensions: 7x5x3 cm. It works with Windows Vista, XP SP2, 2000 SP4 and needs no batteries.

You spend hours at the office and when you want to make them go faster, you should buy yourself a companion like Tengu. Tengu is your little friend connected to a USB port; it comes to life and expresses its emotions according to the surrounding sounds. The LEDs can imitate 14 types of facial expressions: put it on the computer with speakers and it will try to synchronize with the music. It can be serious or look like it is in love. If you want to select a particular face, all you need to do is to make that face by yourself. It will imitate you. The size is of 5 x 7 inches. You don’t need a driver to use it. The facial expressions change depending on the music, noise and many more.11

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