Electric Man 2

The game called “Electric Man 2” can be played on bgames.com and it is a very interesting action game. You are an electric man, which doesn’t use its capacities for electrocuting the enemies, but instead it fights them like a regular fighter.

When you enter the game, you will see that the level of the music is a bit too loud, and you have no chance of turning it down for good or at least to minimize the volume. This is the only thing that I found to be annoying. The game is very good, but the music was too loud. You have to read the instructions before entering the game, thing that I did not do, because once again, I thought that I will get away from the music, if I will enter directly the game. Which I did in fact and I was pointed to a tutorial, a very good one, with the level of the sounds much lower, which was good for my ears.

You can move your character with the arrows on your keyboard, the left and the right ones. Also, you can rotate the character, by using the descendant arrow. With the ascendent arrow you cannot make jumps, as you might think. Then, you are presented some fight techniques that can be performed using the next keys: the A key allows the character to hit the enemy several times with its hands and at the end to rotate its body and lift one of the feet and hit the enemy, move that will make the enemy most likely to fall on its knees; the S key does that too, only the moves are a bit different (when you hit this key, you will see that your character is going to use both the hands and the feet to attack the enemy), the D key, which is said to perform the same actions as above, but when I hit this key nothing happened.

There are some keys which used at the right moment can send the enemy far away from the location where your character might be when it hits the enemy. Those keys are the next ones: the Q key, which simply hits the enemy, but the move is presented in slow motion, like the moves of those boxing players, when they make KO a competitor; the W key, which uses the hands and the feet of the character, moves presented also in slow motion and the E key, which once again, it is said to perform the same kind of move like the other two moves presented before, only that the key doesn’t work when you press it.

At the beginning of the game, you get the chance to select the color which surrounds your character. By default, this is yellow and also the game mode: easy, normal or hard. Of course, you will choose first the easy level. If you like the game, you can submit your results and the next time when you will enter the game, the computer will know what levels you have completed in this game and what levels you did not complete yet. But for that, I think you have to register on the manufacturer’s Website or at least at bgames.com site. The levels that you get to play if you select the Easy game mode, are the next ones: Replicants, The Frozen, Cirrian Guard and The Toxic 10. The enemies will come slowly towards you and you can beat them all, even if they might attack you from your left and also from your right. The moment when you will move on to the next game mode, you will feel that you play another game, because the levels will start to be more and more difficult.11

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