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Hunter Research and Technology LLC created an application that is very much similar to iBird, which I just presented. With this application, when you will see a new butterfly, whose species you don’t know yet, you can search within the library included in this app, referring to butterflies, logically and you will be able to identify the butterfly that you see.

As a shortcoming, as I read on the iTunes page, from where the app can be downloaded as long as you have an Apple device, it would have been better if linked to every butterfly that you see, the manufacturer would have placed a Wiki page, so that the user of the application to learn more about the butterfly that he sees. And one more thing, the butterflies are not seen that good, especially their wings, because there is no zoom in function. Probably with the next updates of the application, if the manufacturer will take into account what the people on the iTunes page say, they will include a zoom in functionality and then, the wings of the butterflies will be better seen.

The application is included in the Entertainment category and it costs $1.99. It works on all Apple devices, except the computers. You can view the butterflies like they are placed on a board, when they are dead. You can also see a screenshot of this, if you enter the iTunes page, where you can find the description of the app and also the reviews written by its users, who are not that good, some of them. As I can see on the iTunes site, the application was released in 2008. By now, the manufacturer most likely enhanced the application with at least a few updates, so you can try it, because it does not cost too much and you can use the thumbnails of the butterfly as a an eye-candy.11

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