Civilization V

Civilization, one of the biggest franchises of the strategy genre with over 9 million copies sold over the years, reached the 5th chapter. The game was created by Sid Meier. As we are used so far, the developers of Civilization 5 introduced a number of new features and gameplay options, a new design and graphics adapted to the current period in which we are living. The game will also feature a multiplayer mode and the tools and the new levels that will allow players to expand their horizons, which in this game are virtually infinite.

Players’ goal is to lead an entire world, establishing a civilization which starts at the beginning of the human history and continues to our present days. In this game, we can explore the galactic era, a world wounded by war and other catastrophes in which every detail matters and political and diplomatic skills will be decisive. The producers have tried to create Civilization 5 as a world closer to reality by proposing an interface for both types of players, the old ones and the new ones, which now have a first contact with the franchise.

Civilization 5 brings epic battles between large empires that have huge armies. 18 actual historical civilizations are presented in their evolution from the primitive village to the future. Here you must have an improved diplomatic way to handle the situations and to be able to negotiate with some of the most notorious leaders of states and military characters in the human’s history.11

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