Month: March 2018

the rise of women

[Infographic] The Rise Of Women In Tech

Women having become the powerful sex, well, that is no secret. What is truly fascinating is seeing women evolved into a domain considered to be exclusively manly and rugged: technology. A famous quote said that ‘women can do anything that men can do while wearing hight heels!’ Check out the infographic below to see just […]


Nutrition Tips For IPhone

Nutrition Tips For IPhone I have already told you that I like very much Michael Quach for his applications designed for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and I have already presented 2 of them or even more, only that I don’t recall what were those apps, on another site where I write about apps, which […]


Beer Apps For Android

I don’t pretend that today I am going to present to you the best app created for Android, app related to beer, but I will try to do this. The application that I have selected is named Pintley Beer Recommendations and let me tell you that I have selected it because of its name. I know that […]


How To Upgrade To Windows 8

You have seen it, you have tested it, now you wish to have it. It’s simpler than ever: grab your card, access Microsoft’s site and during 30 minutes, you are ready to roll out the new operating system. Besides, Microsoft’s biggest desire is to get you using Windows 8, that’s why it tries to lure […]


Anonymous Listens To F.B.I Phone Conversations

Anonymous, the international group of hackers managed to surprise the FBI when they posted a 16 minutes recording between the bureau, Scotland Yard, and other police agencies from the world. The group seems to be extremely powerful, as it recently hacked the website of the law firm which represented Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich, who was […]


Best Laptops Under 700

The market is not short of laptops because these devices have recently managed to attract the attention of the entire consumer world due to the portability they offer without compromising the performance of the hardware made available. If you are interested in such a device yourself, but you need to keep it under $700, you […]


People Protesting Against ACTA

Numerous people protested against the SOPA bill which was supposed to be included in the American parliament. After the bill was dissolved, Europe introduced a similar bill, the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, also known as ACTA. People protested against it as well. In Poland, the politicians wore masks depicting the main character from the movie V […]